Investments in industries with sustainable competitive advantage

Ostria Winds is an international equity investment and investment management platform, focused on exploring investment opportunities with a consistent philosophy that balances risk and return along with the ability to respond to the changes that characterize global economies, industries and markets. Primary focus on investing in and managing public equities and through integrated investment approach creates value oriented strategies for investments in companies with strong growth across the sectors with sustainable competitive advantages.

Ostria Winds’ investment strategies is designed to deliver a well - balanced and globally diversified portfolio that can maximize sustained long - term returns. The investment approach is anchored by a disciplined risk - focused process, able to achieve the right balance of risk and returns. As part of a wider international network (with partners in major business and financial centers around the world) and a global outlook, has local access on a global scale. This approach to global investing and companies’ selection offer the best exposure to Ostria Winds’ favored sectors and themes.

In private corporate equity investing, Ostria Winds understand the market dynamics, the competitive forces of each sector and how they impact upon capital investments. Seeks value by committing equity to high quality companies with strong management team, unique competitive position and long- term strategies, leveraging the scale of the committed capital, sponsorship and investment experience, combined with corporate and financial advisory strategic services.

Ostria Winds focus on investments in the industries of international shipping, ports and maritime infrastructures, energy, mining, agriculture, manufacturing, the sectors of industrial / commercial / hospitality properties and related business & financial operating companies, combining research-driven markets insights and experience to add value for investors and shareholders. Ostria Winds’ investment strategy in markets and industries is intrinsically international, with an investment team which understand the power of being where the winds blows, of navigating for equity investments opportunities in companies that show growth and value creation potential.